About the Reporter

The Crodeon Reporter is a versatile and waterproof remote assistant that will quickly get you started with wireless real-time monitoring.

Quickly usable in various situations

Industrial environments

The Reporter is perfectly suited for use in industrial environments where time is always of the essence. The device is waterproof and does not require a technical cabinet for protection. This makes the Reporter a simple and quickly usable solution, for carrying out temporary as well as permantent measurements.

Research and IoT-projects

Research projects often demand measurements with unique sensor combinations. This is also the case with "Internet of Things" projects, where very specific sensor requirements are common. The versatility of the Reporter allows you to deal with these challenges using only one device.

Outdoor applications

From day 1 the Reporter was designed to be suited for outdoor use. The waterproof design, the internal GPRS module and the ability to operate fully on solar power make this possible. As a result, the device is perfectly suited for use in agri- and horticulture, livestock farming and environment related projects.

Main characteristics of the Reporter

Live measurements

The Reporter is known for its real-time data. This means that you can read the most recent measurements on the Crodeon Dashboard at any given moment. You set the interval of your choice (min. 30 sec – max. 1 day) and the Reporter sends every reading directly to the cloud.

Easy installation

Installing a Crodeon Reporter takes only a few minutes. Besides mounting there is no additional work required. The device is instantly online and ready to report. The healthy operation of the Reporter is permanently monitored by Crodeon.

SMS alarm

Receive an SMS notification when certain measurements exceed the chosen thresholds. The actual SMS will contain useful information about the last measured readings. Setting the thresholds is done simply through the Crodeon Dashboard.

Battery on board

The Reporter has a battery on board in order to keep reporting when the power goes down. For remote locations without grid power, the Reporter can be equiped with a solar panel.

Crodeon Reporter

Versatile, remote, accurate, real-time, reliable, all-in-one, worry-free, mobile, instantly usable, solid, made in Belgium

Cloud API available

Crodeon provides a cloud API that allows you to call all data on the dashboard from external systems. This allows integrating the Reporter data with your own applications. At all times, the data remains stored and available on the Crodeon servers. There is no need to provide storage of your own.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about the API.

Make use of the Crodeon Reporter to realize your project

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