Easily monitor your climate control

Live registration of temperature, humidity and other parameters, wherever you are

How does climate monitoring work?

In a certain space you would like parameters such as temperature, humidity, water flow, pressure or CO2 to be measured on a regular time interval. This is done best with a simple, stand-alone device with wireless connectivity.

The Crodeon Reporter offers you the possibility to measure wirelessly on an interval of your choice. The device sends each reading in real-time to the Crodeon Dashboard, once every 30 seconds or slower.

Per Reporter up to 6 analog or digital sensors can be connected.

Easy installation

Crodeon guarantees an extremely simple installation. After mounting the Reporter to the wall, you are ready to start measuring. No need to configure DNS servers or IP addresses. All wireless configuration is managed remotely by Crodeon.

The Reporter operates as a live data logger to the cloud. As a result you always have access to the latest readings in real-time. An SMS alarm is sent when readings exceed the thresholds of your choice, or you can check the data proactively.

Carefree operation

Crodeon aims to offer an optimal user experience with no worries.

As a customer you only have to mount the device and connect the sensors. Instantly you will enjoy real-time monitoring with SMS alarms and full control of the Reporter through the Crodeon Dashboard.

Data transmission is arranged and managed by Crodeon. This allows us to identify problems and faults in the system in time. That way you don’t need a second alarm system to monitor your data logger.

Ultimate user convenience

Controlling the Reporter happens 100% through the Crodeon Dashboard. You only need to sign in online, for example to modify an alarm threshold or to change the SMS alarm receiver.

Monitoring temperature in coldrooms is easier than ever. You can closely follow how readings evolve and identify trends and patterns. This way you can even track down a badly configured cooling system, or a lack of coolant pressure for example.

The smart SMS alarm will let you know what’s wrong and what the last readings are. It only takes one step to navigate from the SMS to the dashboard for further analysis of the situation.

Extensive dealer network

Crodeon can count on a strong network of dealers in the larger Flanders region. This network mainly consists of cooling technicians and HVAC specialists that use the Reporter to realize their projects.

Would you like more information?

Do you have a space where temperature and humidity should be monitored? Or maybe you require additional kinds of sensors? Contact us for more information.

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