Outdoor temperature monitoring

Live registration of temperature in tree orchards and other remote locations

Frost detection in a nutshell

Measuring temperature and detecting frost might seem like an easy endeavor at first. However, a good frost detection system meets the following requirements:

  • Live transmission of all readings
  • Suitable for harsh weather conditions
  • Temperature measuring at several different heights
  • No internet connection required
  • No grid power required

This quickly shows that a relatively simple question can become a complex technological challenge. Fortunately the Crodeon Reporter offers a solution to this problem.

Unique characteristics

The specifications of the Crodeon Reporter make the device highly suited for this challenging task.

The solar panel provides power for continuous readings through day and night, with live communication to the Internet. Even on a measurement interval of 60 seconds and with lengthy overcast periods, the Reporter will keep operating nominally.

Because of the Internet connection through GPRS (2G) you don’t need Wi-Fi or a local modem. The Reporter comes with an industrial SIM card in order to be connected right away.

Furthermore, the device is waterproof so you don’t need to provide a protective enclosure. And finally, each device connects up to six sensors allowing for easy measuring at several different heights.

View the data online

The Crodeon Dashboard in the cloud allows the user to read the most recent sensor data at any moment on any device.

  • Responsive design, for easy use on smartphone, tablet or pc
  • Alarm thresholds, for each individual sensor
  • Excel export of sensor data from your Crodeon Reporter
  • Configure the Reporter from your sofa: Turn on/off the device, configure alarm notifications (receiver, thresholds), edit intervals and delays, etc... is all done via the dashboard

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