Industrial monitoring

The Crodeon Reporter as a reliable tool in industrial environments

Current situation

A classic industry 3.0 environment usually works with PLCs, oten combined with a SCADA system. Hardware is installed in technical cabinets with DIN-rail mountings. Sometimes parts of these systems can be monitored remotely through the Internet.

When looking at sensors, industrial companies still massively make use of classic 24V sensors and classic signal protocols such as 4-20mA.

This familiar way of working offers stability and uniformity, but at the same time complicates making small changes in a high performing production environment. Preparing a simple setup for monitoring or data logging often appears to be a tough job, because of the cumbersome way in which industrial hardware is installed and integrated.

Keep it simple

The Crodeon Reporter offers an easy alternative for this kind of classic monitoring. The device is waterproof and does not require to be installed inside a technical cabinet in order to operate. It’s a stand-alone solution, complete from sensor to cloud. The Reporter is perfectly suited for temporary as well as permanent monitoring.

While it can often be risky to connect your entire SCADA system to the Internet, the Reporter as a stand-alone device has its own internet connection through GPRS (2G).

Saving time

Apart from security, time is of the utmost importance as well. The Reporter is a permanent solution that you can install in just a few minutes. This is because Crodeon delivers the device preconfigured, and because there is no programming required at all.

Very often the Reporter appears to be a simpler, safer and faster choice than setting up a complex integration project in an environment that needs to run stable and reliable.


One of the unique characteristics of the Crodeon Reporter is the principle of universal connectors. This means that each of the 3 or 6 connectors can read digital as well as analog sensors.

The Reporter supports a wide range of classic industrial sensors in combination with modern low-power sensors that usually speak digital protocols (UART, Modbus, RS-485, OneWire, etc…). This is possible because the Reporter can dynamically supply power per individual connector. For the conversion of the exotic protocols, smart logic is provided in the sensor cable.

Cloud API available

Crodeon provides a cloud API that allows you to call all data on the dashboard from external systems. This allows integrating the Reporter data with your own applications. At all times, the data remains stored and available on the Crodeon servers. There is no need to provide storage of your own.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about the API.

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