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Follow your irrigation process online and make the most out of your machine

How does irrigation monitoring work?

The Crodeon Reporter for irrigation monitoring is a unique solution that allows you to remotely check the operation of your irrigation system.

During the irrigation process, the Reporter measures the following parameters, once every minute:

  • Water pressure on the reel
  • Current roll-up speed
  • Distance to the gun

For fixed irrigation systems the Reporter will measure water pressure on the sprinkler base and operate accordingly.

All readings are transmitted in real-time to the Crodeon Dashboard. This allows you to check the irrigation status on your pc or smartphone at any given moment. The Reporter will also notify you per SMS if anything goes wrong during the process.

Irrigate as always

As a farmer you have no time to follow technical procedures or study a long user instruction manual. That’s why the Reporter works autonomously.

Preparing the tools and machines for an irrigation session is already a heavy and complex task. The Reporter handles the necessary calculations and starts reporting when you start irrigating. After the process is finished, the Reporter goes back to sleep.

The device takes care of all the technical work. You only have to enjoy real-time reporting on your pc or smartphone.

Focus on user convenience

The Reporter for irrigation monitoring is built for farmers that have no time to waste on complex technical systems.

The system performs all measurements autonomously, during preparations and also during irrigation.

Any settings that you’d like to control, such as the SMS alarm receiver or alarm thresholds per sensor, can be modified through the Crodeon Dashboard. You never touch the Reporter; the device doesn’t even have any buttons.

The smart SMS alarm will let you know what’s wrong and what the last readings are. It only takes one step to navigate from the SMS to the dashboard for further analysis of the situation.

Prevent wear and breakdowns

During irrigation lots of things can go wrong: a broken water pipe, a clogged tube or an empty water supply. Unfortunately you are not always around when this occurs.

The Reporter makes sure that you can leave your irrigation setup with peace of mind. You will receive an SMS when something goes wrong, and if you want to check proactively, this can be done online.

Any brand, any model

The Reporter can be installed on any type of irrigation system and any brand of reels. The system comes with its own solar panel and sensors.

As seen on TV

On Saturday 13th of May 2017 Crodeon organized a demo event on intelligent irrigation, in cooperation with Agreon.

During the event the Crodeon Reporter for irrigation monitoring was presented to a large local audience.

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