Weather monitoring

A custom weather station with real-time data and your favorite sensors

Your custom weather station

The versatility of the Crodeon Reporter makes the device perfectly usable as a weather station. With 3 or 6 connectors you have a free choice to form a specific weather sensor combination.

This freedom is unique in many ways. The Reporter supports digital as well as analog sensors allowing you to keep working with the sensors that you like and trust.

Unique characteristics

Besides this unique versatility the Reporter also distinguishes itself by offering real-time readings. As opposed to many weather stations, the Reporter is able to operate on a very low measurement interval (up to 30 seconds). This allows the user to always enjoy accurate information about the situation at this exact moment.

The Reporter does not require grid power to offer this functionality. The device can fully charge its internal battery with solar energy, using a 10w solar panel.

For the live communication the Reporter uses GPRS (2G), a known wireless standard that scores very well on coverage and bandwidth.

Cloud API available

Crodeon provides a cloud API that allows you to call all data on the dashboard from external systems. This allows integrating the Reporter data with your own applications. At all times, the data remains stored and available on the Crodeon servers. There is no need to provide storage of your own.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about the API.

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